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Payment Process Broker

We are rapidly becoming a leader in the industry by fulfilling the goal we set out to achieve in our earliest days. Whether you are a merchant contemplating accepting bankcards for the first time or a business that has accepted cards for years and are looking to improve your bottom line, choosing a processor is one of the most important decisions your business can make.



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Simple process! You receive residuals on the performace of your referrals. We provide email notifications & approvals to keep the lines.

Why We Are The Best Choice

There are many services out there for you to choose from. Every company has their own pricing and options, but when it comes time to make a decision, you want to get the best option for your business. We want you to choose us TODAY, so please take a look at why Payment Process Broker stands out from the rest!

remember the past

Since 2008

Bob Tanner began his career in the merchant processing industry in 2008. One year later and wearing out a lot of shoe leather, he Co founded 5 Star Processing. 

Today, Payment Process Broker is headquartered at the Sacramento, Ca., and is growing rapidly!